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Select a skill that you have: Leading Organizing Planning Creating Exploring Presenting Convincing Observing Analyzing Problem solving Mediating Building Maintaining Operating Negotiating Changing Relationship Managing Supervising Playing Persuading Training Coaching Improving Listening Keyboarding Speed Strength Precision Fixing Salvaging Maintaining Cleaning Cleaning up Producing Making Inventing Shaping Expediting Handling Growing Constructing Advising Assembling Setting up Entertaining Performing Inspiring Debating Arguing Preparing Presenting Talking Compiling Researching Interviewing Translating Developing Visualizing Synthesizing Keeping Retrieving Remembering Diagnosing Treating Establishing
What matters most to you: Adventure Innovation Fulfillment Harmony Excellence Your happiness Everyone else’s happiness Doing good things Feeling good about yourself Health Order Discipline Recognition Owning things Winning Being liked Having friends Helping friends Helping others Parties Fun Being challenged Not being bored A roof over your head Food on the table Having your way Doing a good job Doing an excellent job Being entertained Adrenaline Fitness Decorating Crafts Honesty Fashion Looking good Learning new things Love Companionship Power The environment Security Family Kids Pets Solitude/ quiet God Travel

The Which dessert? test
The Oreo cookie test
The longest journey begins
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